Work-based learning publications

The work of the project was reported in the book Professional Competence and Higher Education: The ASSET Programme, Falmer Press, 1996, written together with Maire Maisch, the co-leader of the project.

Two key chapters of this book may be down-loaded. Click on:
• ASSET Book, Chapter Four: ‘A General Model of Professional Learning’
(Examines the ASSET model of assessment in relation to a general theory of professional work)
• ASSET Book: Chapter Eight: ‘The Organizational / Employment Context – An Educative Workplace?’
(Discusses how far the constraints of an organizational workplace are compatible with genuinely ‘educational’ processes.)
• ASSET Book Bibliography
(Available so that references in the book chapters may be followed up)

For another important analysis of the work, click on:

• ‘The Assessment of Professional Competences; The Importance of General Criteria’
(Explains in detail how the ASSET model of assessment combined specific and general forms of competence statement)

There were also of course a number of other interim papers, conference reports, and articles (included in the general list of publications on the Home Page). See in particular:

1992: ‘ “Quality Management” or “The Educative Workplace: Alternative Versions of
Competence-based Education’
1996: ‘The ASSET Programme: The Development of a Competence-based Honours