Learning from the Patchwork Text process – A retrospective discussion

Jane Akister, Katalin Illes, Maire Maisch, Janet McKenzie, Peter Ovens, Jan Parker, Bronwen Rees, Lesley Smith and Richard Winter

After about two years of work with the Patchwork Text process in our different contexts, and after writing our individual case studies, we decided we would like to put together a 'joint statement' about what we had learned. Given the quite different directions in which each of us had taken the original general idea, this was itself necessarily conceived as a sort of Patchwork. We decided we would individually prepare a statement of specific ideas that had emerged from our own work, but present them in a spoken forum, so that discussion of points of difference and overlap could take place. The occasion was tape-recorded and transcribed, and the transcription was then edited, to convert the inevitable vagaries of speech into a readable text..