Richard Winter


Thanks for visiting my web site – I hope you find something of interest!

Most of the site refers to the research work that I carried out in the Faculty of Social / Healthcare and Education at Anglia Ruskin University (
The site is divided into sections representing different aspects of my research. Click on the links to the right:

Practitioner Action Research
Creative Writing for Professional Development
Work-based Learning
Problems in Higher Education and Assessment
The ‘Patchwork Text’
Marxism, Buddhism and Politics

In each of the first five sections you will find a brief introduction to the ideas underlying the work, various articles that you can download, and a reference to other material included in my list of publications.

In the section on Marxism, Buddhism and Politics you will find information about my book Power, Freedom, Compassion: Transformations for a Better World, published in 2011.

The other element of the site is a series of occasional updates. These will relate to the themes of the Website listed above and, especially, to the theme of 'Marxism, Buddhism and Politics'. The titles of the updates are listed on the main page of the section.